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Industry Insights and MOBI Updates

MOBI Unites with Tangoe

December 5, 2018 by Scott Kraege

  After ten years of innovation, hustle, and hard work, I’m thrilled to announce that MOBI has been acquired by Tangoe. It’s a great match that always made sense on paper. Our culture, trajectory, team, goals, vision, and values are so much more are already uniquely aligned. As we move on to the next chapter in our evolution, we greatly appreciate the relentless support our community has provided—and support that we will without a doubt provide in return. The countless MOBI supporters provided the momentum and mentorship that helped us arrive at this amazing moment. Thank you. Tangoe is the world’s largest Technology Expense Management (TEM) company, and MOBI is the software-driven Managed Mobility Services (MMS) leader. Together, we now create the world’s most effective enterprise mobility management solution. This is an exciting day for us—it represents MOBI’s next chapter…

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MOBI Announces Acquisition by Tangoe to Form Global Managed Mobility Services Leader

December 5, 2018 by MOBI

Combination delivers greater automation, efficiency, and predictability for enterprise mobility programs INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 5, 2018 – Managed Mobility Services (MMS) leader MOBI today announced that it has been acquired by Tangoe, the leading Technology Expense Management (TEM) company. This acquisition brings together the industry’s execution leader with the MMS visionary to create a global market powerhouse. The combined company manages $40 billion in annual technology spend and 10 million connected devices—nearly five times more than its nearest competitor. “The opportunity for MOBI to bring our award-winning software, automation and team to the global marketplace with Tangoe is incredibly exciting,” said Scott Kraege, CEO and co-founder of MOBI. “The spirit of innovation at MOBI, combined with the power to invest and apply global resources to our solutions, will truly accelerate our market position and ultimately, allow us to provide the best…

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Data Discovery

December 3, 2018 by Matt Louden

real-time data

By 2025, almost 30% of all information will consist of real-time data insights—doubling today’s 15% figure. By 2025, more than 150 billion connected devices won’t be subtle about generating this data, either. In fact, global endpoints will increase data generation from 23 Zettabytes (ZBs)—or 23 trillion GBs—in 2017 to 175ZBs over that span. That’s because more than five billion consumers currently interact with data every day. By 2025, expect more than six billion people—more than three-quarters of the world’s population—to do so. In the not-too-distant future, businesses will also create almost two-thirds of all data. The meteoric rise of Internet of Things (IoT) devices means manufacturing generates more real-time information than any other. And, combined with financial services, healthcare, and media/entertainment, this group comprises almost half of the entire “enterprise datasphere.” Can your enterprise mobility effort uncover real-time data insights?…

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Tech Moving Mobility Forward

November 29, 2018 by Matt Louden

new technologies

As enterprise mobility grows more advanced and integrated into the global business environment, new technologies have made digital transformation more complex than ever to complete. Today’s mobility management programs must continuously evaluate new technologies, comply with new regulations, and maintain industry best practices to not only streamline existing operations and processes, but to optimize the organization’s digital innovation efforts moving forward. How can your business successfully prioritize future mobility investments, prepare for tomorrow’s most serious security threats, and create new communication paths in 2019 and beyond? Downloading Gartner’s Top 10 Technologies That Are Defining the Future of Enterprise Mobility report is a great first step… If you’re hesitant to sign up for your complimentary copy of this helpful resource, we get it. So, we wanted to give you a quick summary of this report and these 10 new technologies first….

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Driving Forces of the Future

November 27, 2018 by Matt Louden

driving forces

While nothing is certain, trends like increasing populations, a mass migration to cities, and growing global wealth seem to hint that worldwide demand for mobile assets is only going to increase. And Gartner agrees—the organization predicts aggregated growth rates between 25% and 50% through 2030. In addition to ever-expanding enterprise mobility solutions, mobile technology manufacturers and developers will stoke the fires of this industry’s growth by focusing on three key driving forces: automation, data privacy, and customer experiences. Let’s preview each of these driving forces and see how mobility-minded business leaders can maximize each innovation’s impact wherever they work. Automation Today, early adopters are already leveraging automated software to streamline Mobility Management Services (MMS) and end-user workflows. These mobile asset management tools add value to almost any enterprise mobility suite by uncovering efficiency gains and cost savings opportunities. It’s not…

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