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Iot6 Exchange

Advancing Smart Infrastructure and IoT
IoT6 Exchange will bring together thought leaders and industry executives to explore, learn, and exchange best-in-class ideas around the latest IoT technologies and solutions. Attendees will leave this event with actionable takeaways and ideas to bring smart infrastructure to fruition.

Discussion topics include: IoT, IIoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Smart Engineering, Asset and Fleet Monitoring and Tracking, Intelligent Systems and Software, Predictive Maintenance, and more.

Attend a case study presentation and learn how companies are leveraging IoT and automation to be more agile than ever before:

Discover how a worldwide vehicle auction services company is leveraging digital transformation to evolve enterprise culture and uncover new revenue streams.

Meet the Mobots, MOBI’s family of robotics-driven helpers that work around the clock to assist an engineering company and a global manufacturer in driving efficiencies and productivity.

Connect with the MOBI team: Jenny Taylor, Jeff Rubens, and Danny Mayes.

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